Holyday Apartment House Rules


Dear Guests!

Welcome to your holiday apartment.

For the benefit and wellbeing of all our guests and residents we have put into place some rules and regulations. As a condition of your confirmed booking it is implied that you have read and agreed to abide by those rules and regulation.

Should you find that the inventory, furniture or any of the other facilities that we provide are not to your satisfaction or expectations, or if you need help or information about local event or services then please let us know. We are her to help and serve.

Arrival and departure:
Arrival and departure days are counted as calendar days. The apartment will be available from 4 pm on the day of arrival and should be vacated by 10 am on the day of departure. Please let us know your arrival time 1-2 days before so that we can be here to welcome you and hand over your apartment keys.

After booking request the price will be calculated. 20% of the price have to be payed, so that the booking will be confirmed. Cash payment is to be made on the arriving day. Included in the price is the weekly provision of bed linen, bathroom and kitchen towels. 

Non Smoking:
The apartment and other associated buildings are designated non smoking areas. Smoking is allowed in the open garden where a number of ash trays are provided for your convenience.


  • please empty the refrigerator before you leave. Do notswitch the refrigerator off.
  • please ensure that dishes, pots and pans, cutlery, coffee machines, toaster, kettles etc. are clean and dried before storing them.
  • in order to prevent possible blockages, please do not dispose of food waste, dangerous liquids, fats or feminine hygiene items in the WC, sinks or shower tray.
  • please remove and leave hiking shoes, ski boots or wellingtons in the entrance hall. You may, of course, enter the apartment with regular clean and dry dress shoes.

The price includes the provision of bed linen (biweekly), towels and towels. Tea towels (once a week).

The apartment keys will also open the main house door. We ask that you keep your keys safe and not to pass them on to unauthorised persons. Should the keys become lost or missing then we reserve the right to charge for the cost of replacements.

Animals are not allowed.

Parents are liable for their children, guests and personal possessions. We can not be held responsible for damage to or loss of your personal items or possession that you bring with you.

We ask that you, children and guests treat the apartment and its contents and furnishings respectfully.

We know that accidents do happen. We would ask to be informed of accidents as they happen rather than having to find out about broken or lost items at a final inspection on the departure day. In case of breakage's or loss we reserve the right to charge for the full replacement value of the item or items.

On departure we ask that you close all window especially the skylights, so preventing possible storm damages.

Please also consider unplugging all electrical items (except the refrigerator

Parking is available for one car on the property.

Waste disposal:
Please separate waste for recycling as follows:

         Bio --------------------------raw food items only in the green bin by the rear courtyard
         Miscellaneous waste -- in the black binby the rear courtyard
         Paper and card --------- in the bin with the red lid by the rear courtyard
         Plastic --------------------- in the bin with the yellow top in the rear courtyard
         Glass and cans --------- to be placed next to the yellow plastic bin for separate disposal

Garden areas:
There is a guest gazebo with a red checker table provided for your use. We ask that you return any deck chairs or stools to the gazebo or the garden shed by the BBQ after use, especially when there might be a threat of rain or storms.

Under exceptional circumstances it may be necessary for the owners to enter the apartment.

Bathroom ventilation:
The bathroom ventilation is activated remotely through a movement sensor which will switch off after a few minutes. Ventilation can also be turned on or off manually by the bottom switch next to the sink.

We wish you a pleasant, enjoyable and restful stay. 
Yours Familie Carl

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